Best Major Trend Adult Content 2021

Major Trend Adult Content 2021

What will be the major trends in sex and romantic relationships in 2021? Virtual meetings, connected sex toys, audio pornography, and sex education … Adult Website agency in the UK – has listed the ten sex trends that will punctuate our year.

What will happen in 2021 under the covers? Adult Website agency – the leading company in sexual Content and adult web development – has listed all the sex trends to come.

1. Remote sex (Major Trend Adult Content 2021)

The Covid-19 pandemic is turning our love lives upside down and has caused us to have a completely different relationship with sexuality. So couples are looking for new ways to challenge current distance or restrictions. “Sexting”, masturbation by interposed screen, or sex toys controlled remotely are among the possibilities to get excited from a distance. A recent survey carried out by Adult Agency showed that our willingness to try something new when it comes to sexuality is stronger today than during the first lockdown (up 25%).

2. Virtual meetings (Major Trend Adult Content 2021)

Virtual dating is becoming more and more important for singles, as the chances of spontaneous dating are rather slim during this period. Safe sex has taken on a whole new meaning during this health crisis. A few months ago, the health authorities across the Atlantic delivered their recommendations on the sexual practices to be favored in times of a pandemic. Of these, solo sex would be the safest method. After the trend of “corona cuffing”, which invited singles to find a partner in confinement and the features of live-video on dating Websites, 2021 could see the emergence of more virtual dating experiences.

3. Audio-video-porn (Major Trend Adult Content 2021)

Audio video porn or audio pornography is booming. Erotic stories are a real success, especially with women, who find in them a new way to take pleasure. Like feminist porn, erotic podcasts bring female desire and pleasure back to the forefront. This year
Famous Swedish feminist porn director Erika Lust has even hit theaters with “xConfessionsNight”, a collection of erotic shorts. You also can take the erotic stories on where you can add your erotic story for free!

4. Sex education at any age (Major Trend Adult Content 2021)

In a survey Adult Website agency discover in July 2020, 94% of respondents said male and female masturbation was never covered in their school sex education classes. While fertility issues are on the program, subjects related to pleasure are often absent. Fortunately, there are more and more apps, podcasts, and documentaries on the subject to break taboos and educate young and old. If we instinctively think of Sex Education, other initiatives stand out. In France, Climax, the first educational series dedicated to female pleasure (we gave you our opinion here) was born. TikTok and Instagram are also redefining the rules of sex education. From content creators to sex therapists, many accounts make sexuality more accessible, and above all, less taboo.

5. Contraception without hormones and gynecological autonomy

In recent years, hormone-free contraception has grown in popularity. According to Santé Publique France, in 2010, 45% of women used the pill as a means of contraception, they were only 40.5% in 2013, and 36.5% in 2016. Copper IUD, natural contraceptive methods. ..

More and more women are taking more care of their bodies and questioning their contraceptive methods, but this is far from the only factor to be taken into account in the current movement of “empowerment of women”.

Topics related to sexuality, women’s sexual health, as well as physical self-determination, are increasingly at the center of the debate. Gynecological autonomy refers, for example, to the ability to take charge of one’s privacy, and the minor health concerns associated with it. From free instinctive flow to symptothermia (a natural method for managing fertility) through sex education, women reclaim their bodies.

6. BDSM and Play role (Major Trend Adult Content 2021)

The UK has become kinkier and more adventurous, with more people than ever spicing up their sex lives by trying out BDSM products and anal sex. Toys and games are a great way to experiment and discover, whether you’re alone or with your partner, so we love to see that more people want to try new things in the bedroom. We’re thrilled to be helping both individuals and couples explore their sexualities and keep things interesting.

UK Fetish and Bondage:

BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism), tops the list with an impressive 90,500 monthly searches, while Dogging, has 74,000 online searches, Anal – 60,500, Spanking – 33,100, and Leather / Latex kinks with 23,500 searches on the web, round up the top 5. 

7. Fetish trend in 2021(Major Trend Adult Content 2021) Adult Website agency in the UK stilled a favorite Kinky fetish trend request in Adult Website

1. Cuckoldry

You may know this from Shakespeare, but in case your English GCSE knowledge is a bit faded, here’s a reminder. Cuckoldry is defined as the act of getting sexual gratification from watching someone else having sex with your partner.

2. Sploshing

Probably the least kinky word to say aloud other than maybe “mayonnaise”, sploshing is the practice of arousing oneself from pouring food or messy things on one’s body.

3. Impact play

Impact play is simply the act of gaining sexual gratification from hitting each other – most people would simply say spanking.

4. Wax play

Sadly this is not a fetish for role-playing as Lumière from Beauty and The Beast but it’s not far off. Wax play involves pouring hot wax on yourself or your partner – it’s a BDSM game so be safe.

5. Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is defined as the derivation of sexual gratification through a compulsive display of one’s genitals, but remember exposing yourself in public is a crime so don’t do it on a bus.


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